At First Day Nursery we take the wellbeing and care of the children, staff and parents very seriously.

Our holistic approach ensures that the wellbeing of our children is our first priority. We firmly believe that children should feel safe, loved, noticed, nurtured and listened to. When children feel like this, they have a natural aptitude for learning, they come to activities full of enthusiasm fuelled by high self-esteem, they feel motivated and curious and learning flows easily. Children who learn like this take that positive experience of education with them as they grow up and are able to learn more easily in school and beyond.

All children are allocated a key person and buddy prior to their start date and all staff work together to settle your child, giving them as much one-to-one time as they need.

Staff use the Leuven scales daily to ensure that wellbeing is kept at the forefront of our practice. If a child has a significant change in wellbeing, we will work in their best interests in partnership with you, in line with our safeguarding policy and procedures to work out and resolve whatever may be the issue.

As well as children, staff wellbeing is also highly regarded. In light of Covid, keeping spirits high is more important than ever. Shiraz (director), Firoja (director) and Zuneera (manager) lead on staff wellbeing at First Day Nursery.

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Oral Health

First Day Nursery works to promote oral health and create oral health awareness for the children in our care.

We support children to remove the fear factor about toothbrushing through role-play experiences and story time to help children understand the importance of oral health and remove the anxiety around going to the dentist. We also visit the local dentist with children to support children’s understanding and learning about oral health.

  • To promote healthy oral hygiene only milk and water is offered to the children throughout the day.
  • As part of the routine the children brush their teeth after mealtimes. All children are supervised whilst brushing their teeth.
  • Parents are encouraged to continue the regular toothbrushing routine at home. Parents can access information and advice about toothbrushing and oral health from staff at nursery.
  • Parents are asked to provide details of the family dentist as well as doctors on registration forms and children’s two-year progress checks.
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Physical Activity

At First Day Nursery we promote physical activity as it helps create a healthier body composition, stronger bones and muscles. It also improves the child’s cardiac fitness. Physical activity builds better motor skills, concentration and thinking skills. Physical activity also stimulates healthy growth and development.

Children in our care actively take part in a wide range of activities to support their physical development such as local walks, dancing, sports sessions, yoga, engaging with obstacle courses. Free-flow garden time allows children to run, play ball games and take part in many more movement-based activities, as we understand the importance for better health and wellbeing.

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