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Welcome to the First Day Nursery, Ilford.
First Day Nursery Iford was established in August 2016 by founder and director Shiraz.

Shiraz is passionate about making a difference to children. He feels strongly that nursery is the first place, after home, where children can quickly develop, with the right environment, team, resources and ethos. He is inspired by the holistic approach; it draws on a wide range of methodologies including Early Years educational frameworks, evidence-based research, neuroscience, forest school philosophy and the writings of Maria Montessori.

This ethos and pedagogy create a positive and nurturing environment that allows every child’s strengths and qualities to shine, with a child’s differences and unique needs being embraced and celebrated.

You can find out more about Shiraz and the First Day Nursery Team from our page About Us.

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More about First Day Nursery Ilford

For a further insight into First Day Nursery Ilford, please click on 'Play' to view our virtual tour.

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As part of our ethos, we combine a child-led approach, where children have access to continuous provision throughout the day, with adult-led activities.

Although a routine helps our children feel settled and secure, they also lead the flow of play.


At First Day Nursery, our children have free-flow access to our garden and outdoor spaces. As part of our holistic approach, we believe that the opportunities presented by undertaking outings offer an additional element to Outdoor Learning. Outings teach our children complex concepts about our natural world and provide multiple learning and development opportunities.

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What our families say

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FDN Testimonial Brown - Kelly Grandmother
FDN Testimonial Green - Shabia Parent
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Partnership Working

Essential to our success is the relationship between the nursery, parents and carers. This relationship is crucial to the wellbeing, development and progress of your child.

During your time here at the nursery, we will encourage and promote a two-way flow of information, knowledge and expertise. The more we learn about each other, including your child, the more successful we will be in creating a fully supportive partnership.

There is a considerable amount of information that needs to be acquired, documented and reviewed, and we will try to make this process as simple as possible. So how will we pass on and exchange this information with you?

Each child has a dedicated key person who builds a relationship with your child, you, your family members and any other associated carers. Your child’s key person will engage in daily feedback with you, conduct your child’s observations and assessments, meet with you to keep you up to date with their learning and development and devise their next steps as well as building and maintaining a strong partnership with you throughout your child’s time with us.

This system allows the key person to maintain continuity of care and ensure a collaborative partnership between the home and the nursery setting.

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Safety and Security

The welfare of our children is absolutely paramount. We therefore take every possible measure to ensure their safety while at our day nursery.

We ensure parents feel confident about leaving their children with us: not only do we have a high ratio of quality Early Years childcare specialists, but we also have a number of security features built into our nursery.

  • CCTV system, which is recording 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure your child's safety. Each room, excluding the toilets, has CCTV recordings.
  • Video entry system. Our entrance gate is secured with a video intercom and buzzer system. This enables staff to see and hear who is at the entrance, thereby ensuring that only authorised persons gain entry to the premises.
  • Fire alarm. We have installed a sophisticated burglar and smoke alarm system that is serviced twice a year and is monitored 24 hours a day.
  • Risk Assessments. We have a robust structure of risk assessments that have been completed for all areas of our nursery from the premises right down to the little chairs our children sit on. Staff complete daily risk assessments on all equipment and areas to ensure safety.
  • Fully enclosed outdoor spaces. Our outdoor spaces are surrounded by decorative security wrought-iron railings and six-foot fences.
  • Biometric fingerprint recognition technology has been installed for extra security – only authorised persons are able to access the nursery using this technology.
  • A high adult to child ratio in all areas
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Ofsted Report April 2022

Please see link for most recent Ofsted inspection. see here

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To apply for a place at First Day Nursery, please email info@firstdaynursery.com. For more information about us, including fees, see here

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How to find us

(Approximately a five-minute walk from Seven Kings Station)

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