Healthy Eating

At First Day Nursery we care deeply about your child’s health and wellbeing, and we know children learn best when they are well nourished. This is why all children are supported to eat a variety of healthy nutritious meals, try different foods, and learn the right eating etiquette. We have three dedicated and qualified chefs who prepare delicious and nutritious meals on site, paying special attention to hygiene and cleanliness. We have been awarded a food hygiene rating of 5 (very good), by the Food Standards Agency.

At First Day Nursery, we are as considered with our approach to food as we are with all aspects of our care and education. We focus on the following core areas in relation to food and how we eat:

  • Teaching children where food comes from and linking this to growing activities in our nature garden, city farm trips and room activities.
  • Ensuring we support children to internalise a healthy approach to food in relation to physical and mental health. We don’t pressurise or bribe children around food and how much and what they eat. We create a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere.
  • We eat together as a community and staff join in, staff model conversations together and we wait for our friends to finish politely before we leave the table. We learn how to eat with our cutlery safely and with considerate table manners.
  • The needs of children with allergies and sensory food aversions are fully respected. We have robust safety measures in place and all staff are qualified in paediatric first aid and anaphylaxis management and response. Children who need to are given the freedom to explore and expand their palate on their own terms and eat with their hands if this is appropriate.
  • Where appropriate, children will begin to serve themselves independently and scrape their plates at the end of mealtimes.
  • We also work in partnership with families to support children’s eating difficulties.

We serve halal meat and chicken. We cater for all special dietary requirements, including allergies and religious preferences. Our nursery is a NUTS & EGG FREE nursery. We work on a four-week rotating menu. Menus are displayed on the notice board and will be communicated to you during your child’s daily feedback. For children attending funded sessions parent/carers have the choice of paying a small monthly fee for nursery meals, with the fee varying depending on the funded hours (15 hours or 30 hours). Alternatively, parents/carers can send a packed lunch with their children. Please speak to management for further details.

Your child’s meals include:

  • Breakfast
  • Mid-morning snack
  • Nutritious lunch with dessert
  • Afternoon snack
  • Hot evening meal (tea)

Fresh fruit and water are available throughout the day.

Your child’s mealtime routine is subject to the sessions your child attends (full day session, AM/ PM session).

All our food is freshly prepared and cooked on site to meet your child’s needs and requirements. When babies start weaning your key person will discuss with you what your child will require. Their meals will be pureed or mashed, accordingly, and we will only introduce a new taste to your baby when you confirm you are happy for them to try it.

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