At First Day Nursery Hackney, we are dedicated to nurturing the well-being of both children and staff. Our commitment to creating a positive and enriching environment is at the heart of everything we do. 

Here's how we support well-being at our nursery:

Safe and Nurturing Space: we prioritize the safety and security of every child. Our carefully designed and supervised environment ensures that children feel comfortable and cared for, fostering a sense of security that is essential for their overall well-being.

Emotional Development: Our experienced staff members are skilled at building strong and nurturing relationships with each child. Through individualized attention and empathy, we support emotional growth, helping children develop a healthy sense of self-esteem and confidence.

Holistic Learning: We believe in learning through play. Our play-based curriculum is designed to stimulate cognitive, social, and emotional development. By engaging in a variety of activities, children are encouraged to explore, create, and problem-solve, promoting a well-rounded development.

Healthy Nutrition: Well-being begins with a healthy body. Our nursery provides balanced and nutritious meals that cater to the unique dietary needs of growing children. We understand the importance of proper nutrition in supporting physical growth and well-being.

Outdoor Exploration: Physical activity and outdoor play are integral to a child's development. Our outdoor spaces offer children opportunities for exploration, exercise, and fresh air, promoting their physical health and enhancing their mood.

Key Person system: All children are allocated a key person and buddy prior to their start date and all staff work together to settle your child, giving them as much one-to-one time as they need.

Staff Well-being: Our commitment to well-being extends to our dedicated staff members. We provide ongoing professional development opportunities, creating a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Supportive Community: First Day Nursery Hackney is more than just a nursery; it's a community. We foster a supportive and collaborative atmosphere where staff and families work together to create the best possible environment for children to thrive.

At First Day Nursery Hackney, we understand that well-being is a holistic concept that encompasses physical, emotional, and social development. Through our nurturing environment, dedicated staff, and innovative programs, we are committed to supporting the well-being of both our children and our valued team members.

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