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First Day Nursery Hackney is a NUTS & EGG FREE nursery.

We prioritise children's physical growth by providing healthy meals that nourish them with the nutrients to develop, learn and grow.

Zebedees is the Eat Better Start Better accredited catering company we are now happy to be in partnership with. The food provided is healthy, nutritious, balanced and freshly cooked and delivered just before noon. Zebedees have been given the highest Food Hygiene Rating by the Food Standards Agency.

We have a kitchen lead who serves to all children's dietary needs, allergies, and cultural/ religious food requests- such as Halal food and vegetarian options.

Your child’s meals include:

  • Breakfast
  • Mid-morning snack
  • Nutritious lunch with dessert
  • Afternoon snack
  • Evening meal (Tea)

Fresh fruit and water are available throughout the day.

For more information about Zebedees, please see the below link for their website;
Zebedees Website 


As a green nursery & preschool, we make environmentally friendly choices that are beneficial to your child. We link this understanding of the ‘world around us’ back to the curriculum for a true understanding of where food comes from.

As well as healthy oatcakes and rice cakes, all of our breakfasts and snacks consist of either non-sweetened, wholesome cereals, organic full fat milk or organic whole fruits.

We ensure that sensory food aversions and dietary needs, including allergies, are catered for as well as cultural and religious food requests such as halal and vegetarian options.

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Oral Health


As part of our ethos, we model healthy mealtime routines have discussions on where our food comes from, promote positive eating habits and highlight the importance of oral health in young children.

First Day Nursery Hackney works with parents to promote oral health and create oral health awareness for the children in our care.

We emphasise the importance of oral health by providing children with activities related to dental matters and supporting and reinforcing good dental and nutritional behaviours for children.

We have established a healthy menu to allow children to discuss the importance of healthy eating during mealtime.

We aim to support children to be aware of what good oral health means – and help them and their parents to understand the importance of cleaning their teeth with toothpaste.

We support children to brush their teeth after meals.

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Our environment cherishes all aspects of children's development and wellbeing. First Day Nursery Hackney's environment is safe, supportive, and provides opportunities to help children deal with their development and wellbeing.

There is a strong focus in the nursery on supporting children's social and emotional wellbeing. We support children to identify, understand and express their emotions through creative arts, role play, literacy and physical movement activities. We also have various activities which support children to recognise and positively respond to their emotions.

Staff build children's confidence, sense of wellbeing, and willingness to engage in learning by acknowledging each child's cultural and social identity and responding sensitively to their emotional states.

We acknowledge that children's wellbeing forms the basis of their early experiences, and we support the positive development of children's physical, emotional, social and intellectual wellbeing.

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