Our Nursery

The Nursery and Pre-School are split into two different buildings either side of the St Joseph’s Complex on Mare Street via a Private entrance. The rooms in our Nursery building are as follows; Baby Room and Toddler Room.

The rooms in the Pre-School building are as follows; Pre School Room 1, we are currently renovating Pre School Room 2 and will keep you all updated when the room is open.

There is also another room in the Nursery building which is used in the mornings during breakfast time and on Fridays when both buildings join together and are in the same vicinity for the day.

Baby Room are where 1 to 2 year-olds find their feet, Toddler Room is where 2 to 3 year-olds explore their world, while the Pre-school room is designed for the development of our 3 to 5 year olds. Every morning we invite our Pre-Schoolers over to the Nursery building to have breakfast.

Both the garden and the play area are used as outdoor classrooms with a variety of innovative learning experiences designed to feed your child’s imagination.

In each of our rooms we have created a stimulating and safe environment that encourages your child to explore, learn and express themselves through role play, messy play, art activities, sensory exploration and much more. When it’s nap time, dark curtains and comfy mats ensure your child gets their well-earned rest.

For more information about our nursery, how we care for your child and to provide you with an idea of what you and your child can expect, we invite you to explore the following pages.

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