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Welcome to First Day Nursery Hackney.

First Day Nursery Hackney is an innovative, high-quality child-focused service.
Our holistic approach provides a caring and nurturing environment to the children and families who are part of our nursery. We ensure children feel loved, welcomed, and valued.
We support your child's learning, enabling them to grow and reach their full potential.

This ethos and pedagogy creates a positive and nurturing environment that allows every child’s strengths and qualities to shine and a child’s differences and unique needs to be embraced and celebrated.

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Our Values and Aims


At First Day Nursery (Hackney) we:


Put our children first.


Work as a team.


Strive for excellence in all we do.


• Will respect everyone.


• Will be honest and trustworthy.


Create a homely atmosphere in which all staff know all children, 

and every child's individual needs are identified, valued and met inorder to support each child in reaching their full potential.


Encourage freedom of expression with a well prepared

and stimulating environment.


Develop a close supportive relationship with parents to ensure that we work together

to meet the needs of the children. Ensure all the staff teamwork that promotes equal

opportunity regardless of religion, ability, gender, culture and individual needs.

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Our Mission

To provide an exceptional environment with access to high quality learning resources through a holistic approach with the support of our caring, highly qualified and committed team with a respectful partnership with parents.

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Our Vision

To be recognised as a centre of excellence in children's care and early learning.

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Our Ethos

First Day Nursery (Hackney) has a strong ethos, supported by an understanding of how children learn, our knowledge of child development theories and years of experience working with young children, their families and the wider community.

First Day Nursery (Hackney) is inspired by the Curiosity Approach and Forest school philosophy.

Our staff nurture a learning environment by using communication and language as core in everything we do. This ultimately provides opportunities where children establish the skills to spark their curiosity, to explore and use their imagination. Thus enabling each child to flourish, develop foundation for learning, so they're able to reach their full potential.
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We will put our children first

Our nursery dedicated to providing individual care for the children. We operate a key person system where each child has allocated key person and co-key person. This is a member of team who is special person that knows child best and who the child form strong bond with. Key persons make sure that child’s individual developmental needs are met. Key person is first point of contact for their key children’s parents. Key person also, observe assess and plan appropriate activities to support children’s development. Our staff in the room work very hard to scaffold children’s learning by providing next step and appropriate communication and interaction skill helps the children to build on their confidence, communication, and social inaction skill.

Children have freedom to make a choice in the nursery. All our resources are on children’s level which help the children to choose their play.

Staff members encourage independence skill from their early age e.g., serving themselves, feeding themselves, putting their coat and shoes on etc. key person, parents and SEN teamwork with the children and family if any additional needs identified.

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We work as one team

All the staff, management team and parents work well together and strive for excellence in all we do for the children’s development. We also work well with outsider agencies to support children’s needs.  We believe "Happy staff means happy children and happy parent". All the staff support each other not only in the room but across the nursery. They share new ideas of the activities, which help the children to achieve their learning steps in full potential.

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We will strive for excellence in all we do

At first day nursery we as a team thrive for an excellence. Our staff team plan and create learning environment which is tailored for the individual child and their needs.  We provide balance adult and child let activity to support the children in our care. Children get to spend lots of time outdoors. We also do local visit to the places like park, library, and farm. These visits allow the children to learn about environment around them, safeguarding themselves when they are out and about and most importantly to enjoy the time, they spend outdoor.

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As part of our ethos, we combine a child-led approach, where children have access to continuous provision throughout the day, with adult-led activities. Our child-led approach nurtures emerging passions and interests so that learning becomes a pleasure not a chore. Our lessons take place in both our inside and outside spaces.

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Partnership working

Building authentic partnerships between parents and our staff team is at the heart of what we do. We listen to you and work with you to enable your son or daughter’s childhood the best it can be.

Each child has a dedicated key worker who builds a relationship with your child, you, your family members and any other associated carers. ‘Daily Diary’ handovers by your child’s key worker ensure golden moments are recounted faithfully along with any other significant events.

We use first class safe and secure software to enable circular communication between family and our setting to enable a daily meaningful, useful and enjoyable exchange.

Our relationship with you is central to what we do and all staff can be direct messaged at anytime using this software. Photos are shared daily within the Daily Diary sent through the app and professional educational observations are carried out for your child every 3 weeks. Any developmental differences, gaps in learning and areas of excellence are swiftly captured and fed back to you appropriately with careful planning in partnership.

We know that having a network of like-minded parents around you makes a huge difference to positive parentings, our software enables parents mean to make as many new friends as your children will. We think parent partnership is paramount in childcare.

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To apply for a place at First Day Nursery (Hackney) please click - Childcare Application

please email enquiries@firstdaynursery.com. For more information about us, including fees, see here

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How to find us

FDN Hackney - Home Page Address

Operating Hours and Sessions


First Day Nursery (Hackney) is open 8:00am - 18:00pm, Offering full day sessions from Monday to Friday, 51 weeks of the year.

The setting is closed for Bank Holidays, one week during the summer and one week at Christmas.

For more information regarding the date, 

Please Email:



Fees are payable a month in advance on the first of the month. Fees are paid in 12 equal instalments this helps avoid the differentiation of weeks in a month and helps keep monthly payments consistent.

We accept childcare vouchers from all subsidiary schemes including tax credits.

For more information about fees, please contact our Management team with the contact details:

Childcare Places


At First Day Nursery (Hackney) we offer childcare for all ages between 3 months and 5 years, we have a staff team with range of different qualifications and years of experience in childcare who are dedicated in supporting children in their development.

We are able to support children of a younger age due to having separate Baby rooms, this has allowed us to create a more suitable environment for babies at different stages in their development.

We do offer tax-free childcare places for all ages however we only offer funding places for children aged 3+ (Please see below for information regarding funding entitlement)

For tax free childcare and fee enquiries, please contact our Management team with the contact details: 

Free Early Education Entitlement


All 3 to 4 year-olds are eligible for 15 hours free funded childcare places: this is taken over 38 weeks of the year during term time.

3 to 4 year-olds may also receive 30 hours free funded childcare places; this is subject to eligibility. For 30 hours of funding eligibility, please click on the link below.

30 Hours Funding information and eligibility.

For funding fee enquiries, please contact our Management team with the contact details: 

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