Healthy Eating

Children spend a big part of their life in Nursery, this is why we at FDNM strive hard to provide children with the nutritional balance needed for them to grow into healthy  young people with a strong and broad palate.Almost every parent knows, on some level, how challenging it can be to develop a nutritional diet that works for children.

Many families with busy lives face similar challenges. It has become far too easy and convenient to choose pre-packaged, processed,and/or fast food. This, coupled with pressures from children themselves, who want whatever sweet or salty product is being marketed to them, has resulted in some alarming statistics related to childhood health.


How Do We Ensure Your Child’s Health & Nutrition:

  • FDNM plans seasonal menus in line with Caroline Walker Trust ‘Eating Well for Under 5’s in Child Care’.
  • Our food is meticulously prepared on site by our very own qualified and experienced Nursery Chef.

Sample Menu

Check Out Our Sample Menu