About Us

We are First Day Nursery Montessori (FDNM), a brand new setting in  the heart of Newbury Park.

We strive to provide the local community with affordable childcare that combines the Montessori Method with the Early Years Foundation Stage all under one roof.

We truly understand and empathise with hard working parents who need a safe, loving and stimulating place where they can leave their children to grow. Our school is built on strong teamwork of experienced Montessori qualified staff who all work together for your children. We strive to provide knowledgeable and helpful childcare solutions for the whole community.


FDNM’s Learning Environment

Our Rooms

We offer stunning state of the art spacious rooms with quality resources. Each room enables children with independent height appropriate access to all 7 learning areas from the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and the 5 major curriculum areas of the Montessori Approach. FDNM does not segregate children based on their ages as this contradicts the teachings of the Montessori. Theory rather we place children based on their individual abilities and stage of development.


Stage 1 - Panda’s

Approximate age range 3 - 24 months

Ratio: 1 adult to 3 children minimum

The Panda Room is a large baby proof space where the little ones can move around and explore freely. Safe stimulating activities with mirrors, soft play, quite areas, indoor physical play, sand, water, arts & crafts and much more. The room is decorated with special consideration given to aiding young children’s Visual Stimulation using mostly blacks, whites and reds. The children have a dedicated sleep room that is monitored consistently while a child rests. Each child has their own bedding to ensure their safety.


Stage 2 - Penguins

Approximate age range 22 - 36 months

Ratio: 1 adult to 4 children minimum

The Penguin Room is designed for little feet exploring and making sense of their world. Open shelves, comfy and cosy book corners, little tables and chairs, perfect for group activities. This area is intended specifically for learning through play with access to a range of malleable materials, soft play, puzzles, small world play and much more. Children have access to a range of ICT equipment also. Rest Pods are available for the child to crawl into when tired. A dedicated sleep area is available with rest mats and bedding for each individual child.


Stage 3 - Peacock's

Approximate age range 34 - 60 months

Ratio: 1 adult to 8 children minimum

The Peacock Room is perfect for the young children now flourishing into active and intuitive little learners. With independent access to a range of resources opening them up to the world of science, maths, language, arts and crafts, reading and much more. Boasting a creative role play area and an impressive ICT corner. The Peacocks have free flow access to the outdoor play area throughout the day. Practitioners encourage independent learning as well as developing social skills through group activities, sharing & an introduction to rules, responsibilities and open communication.

Taking Learning Outdoors

Outdoor play enables children to enjoy the natural environment and learn to seek out exercise, fresh air, and activity. There is something fundamentally healthy about using the outdoors. Thus outdoor play develops disposition for the outdoors, for physical activity, and for care of the environment. Children who learn to enjoy the outdoors have a much higher likelihood of becoming adults who enjoy hiking, gardening, jogging, bicycling, mountain climbing, or other outdoor endeavours.

 Using open space to fulfil basic childhood needs – jumping, running, climbing, swinging, racing, yelling, rolling, hiding, and making a big mess – is what childhood is all about! For a variety of obvious reasons many of these things cannot occur indoors. Yet children must have these important experiences. Rich outdoor environments fulfil children’s basic needs for freedom, adventure, experimentation, risk-taking, and just being children.

Our Outdoor Play Area is a purpose built and fully equipped space that will teach children how much fun it is to bring the learning outside. We offer a large spacious green area for exploring the world, dedicated track to learn to ride the little trikes, climbing frames, balancing beams, weaving sections, gardening areas and much more. We have ensured children have access to all learning areas while outside and our garden is accessible to all children during the day.